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Shampoo Care

-Do not shampoo after leaving the salon for a full 48 hours.-Only use recommended shampoo and conditioner.

-Shampoo in cold water only. Warm and hot water will fade your color quickly. 

-Shampoo your roots only and condition your ends.-Try to go as long as possible between shampoos.

-Olaplex 4D or Oribe Dry Shampoo is highly recommended to use in-between shampoos. 



Styling Care


-Air dry when possible

-Use recommended heat protectant when blow-drying or using any heat tool. 
Use 350° or less.

-Use UV protectant when going outside. Invisible Defense by Oribe is recommended.

-Avoid tanning beds.

-Swimming will fade your color quickly. Apply Malibu C Leave-in Conditioner Mist mixed with Malibu C Swim Spritz Crystals before getting your hair wet. Wear up and do not get wet when possible. 

-Light colored pillowcases and sheets are not recommended.

Things To Remember

-Your color will fade since it is not a permanent color. Learn to embrace the fade and enjoy it. 

-Color is only guaranteed when these instructions and proper care is followed. 

-Custom color bomb mask can be purchased to prolong your color. 

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